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Are you listening? Let us help you connect with the frontline in realtime and gather employee feedback 24 hours a day.

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift in healthcare. The task we face today is to listen to the frontline and respond to their needs. By offering the Joslin Insight App to the frontline, you can improve retention by listening in realtime.

Realtime listening.
A map to guide you.

The Joslin Insight App was developed to improve retention by identifying the interventions needed to increase nurse satisfaction in realtime. We believe every voice should be heard, and that listening in realtime is the new gold standard. Nurse leaders can know what the frontline is thinking today, not weeks or months from now.

We operate in the cloud, which enables you to connect with the frontline in realtime and take meaningful, data-driven action daily. Using our tool, you will receive a live stream of unit-level qualitative and quantitative data with live comparisons to national benchmarks.

As an approved ANCC Magnet vendor, we provide unit-level metrics for all seven ANCC Magnet categories. We can eliminate the stress over unpredictable RN Engagement surveys. Our tool will lift the burden by informing you in realtime where to focus your energy to improve.

We believe the Magnet Journey should be accessible to everyone, small and large facilities alike. Our tool is open to all. Whether you are a Magnet-recognized organization, on the Magnet journey, or just want to connect with your frontline, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

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Clinical Autonomy
Interprofessional Relationships
Leadership Responsiveness
Professional Development
Quality Nursing Care
RN-to-RN Teamwork
Resources & Staffing

Improving retention.
One voice at a time.

Engagement should be about the people. In a recent study, 31% of the frontline said genuinely listening to their voice and responding to their needs will improve their work satisfaction, and 46% of leaders said listening to the voice of the frontline and responding to their needs has had a positive impact on their work environment.  Focus on the people and the numbers will follow.


† American Nurses Foundation Workplace Survey

The Joslin Insight App meets the needs stated by healthcare workers that not being heard is one of their top three reasons for quitting.

The Joslin Insight App helps improve workforce satisfaction by immediately involving the frontline in decisions that directly impact their work experience and organization efficiencies.

Implementing the Joslin Insight App immediately communicates leadership’s concern for the frontline, and leaders’ willingness to listen.

The Joslin Insight App provides a realtime channel for the frontline to give feedback, preventing repressed frustration. Our goal is to help leaders promote a goals-driven culture of communication.

The ANCC Magnet® journey is a considerable undertaking for an organization. The Joslin Insight App provides realtime data across all seven Magnet® categories with live monitoring. We know we have done our job when you and your Magnet® Coordinator sleep easily at night.
There is a place for traditional surveying. We know, we offer them! But the Joslin Insight App can supplement (or replace) traditional surveys, saving time and money associated with survey development and deployment.

Joslin Insight App features:

unit-level data

Live 24/7
365 days

Unlimited survey responses

Curated question database

User-friendly QR code access

Real-time open-ended questions

Real-time ANCC Magnet® monitoring

Real-time control of survey questions

Dynamic national benchmarks

Real-time leader-to-nurse messages

AI-informed push notifications

AI-driven leader

Realtime listening starts here.

Are you listening? Learn how to connect with the frontline in realtime.

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