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We help organizations continuously monitor engagement and improve satisfaction and retention with anonymous realtime feedback.

Our approach for improving employee satisfaction and retention results from innovations in engagement practices + years of research with leading healthcare organizations such as the American Organization for Nursing Leadership, The DAISY Foundation, and the American Nurses Foundation.

Direct realtime feedback.
Meeting today's needs.

From our recent studies of nearly 55,000 frontline nurses, ancillary and auxiliary staff, nurse leaders, and healthcare executives, workforce satisfaction and retention were identified as healthcare’s top challenges. 

When leaders and frontline staff were asked what would create a positive work environment and improve staffing shortages, both indicated listening to the voice of employees and responding to their needs.

Benefits of Direct Realtime Feedback.


Decrease staff turnover by fostering a culture where staff feel valued through responsive management.


Enable 24/7 monitoring to maintain a constant pulse on unit performance with daily feedback.


Compare metrics against continuously updated national averages to ensure accurate and competitive performance.


Deliver pertinent data to evaluate the effectiveness of new initiatives and support informed decision-making.


Cultivate an environment that prioritizes open and effective dialogue, enhancing collaboration and transparency across the organization.


Measure accountability and implement swift actions to effect meaningful change.

The Joslin Insight Realtime Feedback App

The Joslin Insight App allows for realtime data gathering and realtime reporting to ensure nurse leaders have accurate, local information that matters.

Today’s workforce challenges call for immediate and on-going employee engagement: a solution with realtime data gathering, realtime reporting, and insights for meaningful intervention. You need to know what your staff thinks today, not months from now.

After 17 years, I am finally seeing truly positive changes. The first real initiative to change, grow, and involve nurses in building a truly professional and respected workforce has begun. I think there is a newfound sense of hope for the future for new nurses as well as some of us who are a bit older. We can feel and see it improving.
Unit: 5 East
7/24/2023 8:45 PM

Stream ANCC Magnet® metrics.
The stress-free journey.

We are helping augment the Magnet® Journey by providing leaders with realtime data across all seven Magnet® categories. Already working with Press Ganey on your RN Engagement and Satisfaction surveys? Great! We’re here to help.

To ensure your program is a success, we help you monitor your status 24/7 365 days a year. With realtime insights at your fingertips, you’ll know exactly where to channel your efforts for improvement without unnecessary stress.

Whether you’re already a Magnet®-recognized facility, on the path to recognition, or simply seeking to connect with your frontline staff, realtime listening will provide you with a modern way to build trust with your employees.

Interprofessional Relationships
Clinical Autonomy
Leadership Responsiveness
Professional Development
Quality Nursing Care
RN-to-RN Teamwork
Resources & Staffing
These surveys are great and in realtime, so we all have an opportunity to discuss what’s important to us and what’s going on.
Unit: Other
8/19/2023 5:26 PM

How the Joslin Insight App Works

Frontline staff download the app on their personal device. They claim their account by verifying unique information. Staff can immediately provide feedback that goes directly to their leaders in realtime.

Leaders can analyze frontline data by site, unit, and roles. They also have the unique ability to track new grads and DAISY Award nominees. Authorized directors and managers receive access to their unit’s data, informing leader rounds. AI-driven reminders are deployed automatically to the frontline to maintain ongoing engagement. We made it user-friendly because we know easy is what you want.

Improving retention.
Key actions to consider.

Engagement is about listening. In a recent study, 31% of the frontline said genuinely listening to their voice and responding to their needs will improve their work satisfaction, and 65% of CNOs said listening to the voice of the frontline and responding to their needs has had a positive impact on their work environment.*

In light of the compelling outcomes from our case study at LA General Medical Center, it is evident that real-time feedback systems like the Joslin Insight App are pivotal in enhancing staff satisfaction and retention. As leaders, it is essential to spearhead the adoption of technologies and practices within institutions. Here are key actions to consider for replicating the successes observed:

† American Nurses Foundation Workplace Survey
* AONL Nursing Leadership Longitudinal Insight Study

Prioritize the deployment of anonymous, real-time communication between staff and leadership. Technology such as the Joslin Insight App empowers staff to express their concerns and suggestions without fear of repercussions, fostering an open and transparent work environment.

Making a conscious effort to be more visible and accessible to staff is crucial as a leader. Engage regularly with teams, not only through digital platforms but also through personal interactions, which are invaluable for building trust and rapport.

Actively promote the usage of feedback initiatives among staff. Highlight the impact of feedback on organizational changes and improvements to emphasize the value of their voice.

Ensuring that feedback is not only collected but also promptly addressed is critical. Regular updates about the actions taken in response to the feedback should be communicated to the staff, demonstrating responsiveness and accountability.

Equipping leaders and managers with the necessary skills to effectively manage and utilize feedback tools is vital. Training in technology use, skilled communication, and problem-solving will enhance the capability to respond to feedback constructively.

Striving to create an environment where staff feels genuinely empowered to share their insights and participate in decision-making processes that affect their work environment and patient care is essential.

Continuously evaluating the effectiveness of the communication and feedback is necessary. Being open to making necessary adjustments to improve the initiative based on feedback and changing organizational needs is important.

Joslin Insight App features:

unit-level data

Live 24/7
365 days

Unlimited survey responses

Curated question database

User-friendly QR code access

Real-time open-ended questions

Real-time ANCC Magnet® monitoring

Real-time control of survey questions

Dynamic national benchmarks

Real-time leader-to-nurse messages

AI-informed push notifications

AI-driven leader

Realtime listening starts here.

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