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From our recent studies of nearly 55,000 nurses. ancillary staff, nurse leaders, and healthcare executives, workforce satisfaction and retention were identified as healthcare’s top challenges. 

When leaders and frontline staff were asked what would create a positive work environment and improve shortages, both indicated listening to the voice of the staff and responding to their needs.

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For over twenty years, our focus has been on delivering deep insights into industry needs and understanding the evolving state of healthcare. We offer unbiased, third-party qualitative and quantitative market insights, data analytics, and detailed reporting.

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The average 300-bed hospital loses around $12M annually to RN turnover. According to an MIT Sloan School of Management study, the solution is consistently listening to and acting on feedback. But failing to respond to the feedback will lose employees’ trust.

While research highlights a clear path to improving retention, busy leaders struggle to find time to effectively engage their staff. This is why we built our app to help leaders quickly gather direct realtime feedback. If feeding tubes are broken and bassinets aren’t locking, you can fix them today.

We provide a live stream of direct feedback and data analytics, assessing the frontline to help leaders make realtime decisions.

We offer a data-driven approach to continuous improvement. Unlimited surveys are a happy feature of our solution. There’s no reason to limit feedback.

We make implementation quick and easy, requiring zero IT resources. Our system is ready when you are.

We provide powerful ANCC Magnet® metrics for designated Magnet® institutions and for those considering the journey.*

We help monitor your journey by continuously analyzing data across all seven Magnet® categories in realtime. It’s the best insight for the best leaders!

* Joslin Insight worked collaboratively with the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® to support the 2023 Magnet® Application Manual guidelines and created a crosswalk of survey questions that meet the seven category areas for registered nurse (RN) satisfaction/nurse (RN) engagement. The question crosswalk was approved by the ANCC Magnet Program in November 2022. Magnet® is a registered trademark of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Joslin Insight is not affiliated with ANCC.

We have Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for the Protection of Human Subjects, and are a SMART IRB and Reliance organization.


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Joslin Insight has been a tremendous partner to the AONL Foundation. We’ve worked with them on several projects which have helped guide the Foundation’s strategy and led to the creation of new programs, including a three-year longitudinal study that has been impactful to the field of nursing leadership. Their expertise and guidance have helped us focus on key areas, and I truly appreciate their qualitative and quantitative processes to get to the heart of issues. I cannot speak more highly of their work and our partnership. Working with Hunter and Daryl is a joy. They are experts in the work they do, and their passion comes through in every element

Dani Ward

MBA, CFRE Director, AONL Foundation

Joslin Insight did an amazing job at quickly assessing our market position and developed marketing strategies. Their experience in healthcare and health systems was instrumental in reaching our double-digit growth objectives.

Wes Crews

Chief Executive Officer, TRC Healthcare

Using customer insight research, Joslin Insight provided us with the tools and sustainable processes we needed to tell our story to a global audience.

Larissa Africa

MBA, BSN, RN, President, Versant

Hunter and Daryl are amazing data-driven marketing gurus who helped us survey our ecosystem and develop a deeper understanding of our market positioning and marketing message.

Matt Hermann

Senior Managing Director, Ascension Ventures

Joslin Insight’s contribution to DAISY’s research and marketing strategy are insightful, comprehensive, and have made a difference in the delivery of our mission and brand. Their turn-around time is amazingly fast. Daryl and Hunter are great communicators, wonderfully professional, and a joy to work with.

Bonnie Barnes

FAAN, Co-Founder, The DAISY Foundation
Working Together

Collaborating with our partners to advance healthcare.

Travel Nurses As A Sustainable Solution To The Nurse Staff Retention Crisis

The American Nurses Foundation’s Two-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct featured in the Washington Post: Last year, the American Nurses Foundation and the American Nurses Association reported the results of its Covid-19 Impact Assessment Survey, which found 52% of nurses were considering leaving their jobs due to insufficient staffing, a negative impact on their personal health and well-being, and an inability for them to deliver quality care. In addition, “60% of acute care nurses report feeling burned out, and 75% report feeling stressed, frustrated, and exhausted.”

Why are nurses quitting? Ask the nurse no hospital will hire.

The American Nurses Foundation’s Two-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct featured in the Washington Post: Before the pandemic, between a third and half of nurses and physicians already reported symptoms of burnout. A covid impact study published in March 2022 by the American Nurses Foundation found this number had risen to 60 percent among acute-care nurses. “Reports of feeling betrayed, undervalued, and unsupported have risen,” the ANF study said.

Nurses Are Burned Out. Can Hospitals Change in Time to Keep Them?

The American Nurses Foundation’s Three-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct featured in The New York Times: In a study from the American Nurses Foundation, released last month, 57 percent of 12,581 surveyed nurses said they had felt “exhausted” over the past two weeks, and 43 percent said they felt “burned out.” Just 20 percent said they felt valued. (Those numbers were largely consistent throughout the pandemic.)

Nurses feel unprepared for future pandemics, unsupported by employers, survey finds

The American Nurses Foundation’s Three-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct featured in Becker’s: As the profession continues to face a national shortage, nearly one-third of younger nurses suffering emotional distress because of their jobs could be cause for additional concern related to attracting more individuals to the field.

Nurses’ Strike Ends in New York City After Hospitals Agree to Add Nurses

The American Nurses Foundation’s Two-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct featured in The New York Times: In March 2022, the American Nurses Foundation and the American Nurses Association released the results of their Covid-19 Two-Year Impact Assessment Survey, which found that 52 percent of nurses were considering leaving their current positions due primarily to insufficient staffing.

Why the U.S. Nursing Shortage Keeps Getting Worse

The American Nurses Foundation’s Two-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct featured in TIME: The problem appears to be national, and perhaps getting worse: A survey by the American Nurses Foundation conducted in January 2022 found that 52% of nurses polled nationwide said they were considering leaving the profession, up from 40% from a survey conducted in 2021.

AONL Foundation appoints four board members

The AONL Foundation for Nursing Leadership Research and Education appointed four individuals and reappointed four members. Christi Nguyen, DNP, RN, associate CNO of nurse excellence, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas; David Marshall, DNP, RN, senior vice president and CNO at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles; Marie (Jay) Maningo-Salinas, PhD, RN, vice chair, research administration, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix; and Hunter Joslin, MA, chief executive officer, Joslin Insight, Richmond, Va., are beginning three-year terms.

Models of Care Insight Study

The study was born when Quint Studer met with leaders at Orlando Health. Like many organizations, they are piloting new and better ways to provide inpatient care. This discussion led to more discussions with healthcare leaders across the country on how they are reimagining care delivery models. These discussions, along with Quint’s conversations with ANA’s Katie Boston-Leary, PhD, prompted his new company, Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, to fund a study on new and alternative models of care.

Why nurses are desperate for change

The American Nurses Foundation survey that Joslin Insight helped conduct referenced in the Hartford Courant: A survey published in March 2022 by the American Nurses Foundation found that 89% of nurses report that their organization is understaffed, 52% said it was a serious problem and 40% said it was a moderate problem.

To attract more people to nursing, we must change the conversation

The American Nurses Foundation survey that Joslin Insight helped conduct referenced in the Tennessean: According to a recent survey by the American Nurses Foundation, 89% of nurses say their organization is experiencing a staffing shortage and less than half of nurses (48%) say they intend to stay in their positions over the next six months. Nurses cite insufficient staffing as their primary reason for leaving, and younger nurses are driving the exodus. 

A Very Dangerous Place to Be Pregnant Is Getting Even Scarier

The American Nurses Foundation’s Two-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct referenced by Bloomberg: So many quit their jobs during the pandemic that in a recent survey of about 12,000 nurses by the American Nurses Foundation, 89 percent said their workplace is still chronically understaffed.

Covid-19 is taking a terrible toll on nurses. They deserve much more help.

The American Nurses Foundation survey on mental health and wellness that Joslin Insight helped conduct referenced in the Washington Post: Covid-19 can be a nightmare, especially if it becomes severe and requires hospitalization. But imagine the agony of seeing this nightmare over and over again, every day. Such is the intense stress on acute-care nurses, those in hospitals at front lines of the pandemic, and it is taking a terrible toll.

Contract Nurse Agencies Are Making Big Money in the Age of COVID-19. Are They ‘Exploiting’ the Pandemic?

The American Nurses Foundation survey on mental health and wellness that Joslin Insight helped conduct referenced in TIME: A study released in October by the American Nurses Foundation reports 21% of nurses nationwide said they planned to resign from their jobs within the next six months. Another 29% said they were considering leaving.

10 things Gen Z, millennial nurses want from their hospitals

A survey released March 1 from the American Nurses Foundation and Joslin Insight showed Generation Z and millennial nurses — who belong to the generations born between 1981 and 2012 — have been hit hard by the pandemic, with many suffering from mental health issues and about 60 percent saying they will leave or are considering leaving their positions.

What COVID Hospitalization Numbers Are Missing

An American Nurses Foundation survey that Joslin Insight helped conduct referenced in the Atlantic: In a survey of nearly 12,000 nurses, 89 percent said that their workplace was short-staffed, and half said the problem was serious. Worse, almost a quarter said that they were planning on leaving their jobs within the next six months, and another 30 percent said they might.

Addressing Health Worker Burnout: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on Building a Thriving Health Workforce

The American Nurses Foundation’s Two-Year Impact Assessment that Joslin Insight helped conduct referenced by the U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on Building a Thriving Health Workforce. 

New Survey Findings: Patients Lack Access to Appropriate Number of Nursing and Ancillary Staff

The American Nurses Foundation (the Foundation) released the findings of a new comprehensive survey of more than 11,800 nurses nationwide on workplace culture and safety as part of the Pulse on the Nation’s Nurses Survey Series. This data reveals nurses are sounding the alarm that quality care is at risk and concerns are high over a healthy and safe work environment.

AONL to honor nursing leaders, others for contributions to field

Early in 2020, Joslin Insight partnered with AONL to study the pandemic’s impact on nurse leaders. Their study was the first to identify the emotional toll and need for a national effort to support nurse leaders. Their research evolved into a yearlong, three-part longitudinal study revealing challenges on staffing shortages and nurse leader well-being, and garnering attention across the country.

Our story

Joslin Insight is the remarkable culmination of years of dedicated research and technological advancements. Our journey began back in 1993 as Kaleidoscope, focusing on consumer behavior and gathering market insight through snail mail and pre-paid envelopes. With the tech boom in Seattle, we embraced the internet era, transitioning to Joslin Marketing in 1999, utilizing dial-up email and text messages for data collection.

A decade later, we made a significant shift into healthcare and quickly established ourselves as a trusted authority in healthcare market insight. Another transformative phase occurred in 2022, amid the pandemic, as we renamed ourselves Joslin Insight and embarked on developing a cloud service to capture realtime frontline workforce data. This crucial initiative aimed to support nurses and healthcare leaders during these unprecedented times.

Throughout these transformations, our core values and relationships have remained constant. The voice of the workforce and our valued clients continue to be the driving force behind our endeavors. We are committed to collecting impactful data and producing meaningful work that fuels positive change.

We believe in personal service and building lasting relationships.


Hunter J. Joslin, MA

Chief Executive Officer
Board Member, AONL Foundation

Daryl Joslin

Chief Marketing Officer
Board Member, The DAISY Foundation

Our Team


Lead Data Analyst


Lead Designer


Lead Software Engineer


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Software Engineer I


Deb Zimmerman

CEO, The DAISY Foundation
President, AONL

Erik Martin

VP & CNO, Norton Children’s Hospital
Former President, AONL

Quint Studer

Businessman & Philanthropist
Founder, The Studer Group
Co-owner, Pensacola Blue Wahoos

Katie Boston-Leary

Director of Nursing Programs, ANA

Nancy Blake

CNO, LA General Medical Center

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Hunter Joslin is an emerging leader in healthcare with demonstrated experience providing qualitative and quantitative market insight research for leading organizations, providers, associations, and charitable foundations.

Hunter became CEO in 2022 when Joslin Marketing became Joslin Insight. He received an Honorary Member Award from the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) for groundbreaking research conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shedding light on the mental health needs of nurse leaders, his analyses led to Beyond Gratitude, a campaign with AONL and The DAISY Foundation to provide overdue support for nurse managers.

Hunter currently leads innovation, operations, and research. Hunter has provided research and data analytics for leading organizations such as Ascension Ventures, AvaSure, The DAISY Foundation, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL), the AONL Foundation, the American Nurses Association, and the American Nurses Foundation.

Hunter’s work has been featured in TIME, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Bloomberg News, as well as by the United States Senate Finance Committee, the United States Surgeon General Advisory, and the United States White House COVID-19 Taskforce.

Hunter earned a BSc in Business Management from Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business, while playing D-1 soccer for the Hoyas. He also holds a MA in Theology from Loyola Marymount University with a focus on the spiritual traditions of India. He enjoys the mountains and running marathons and has visited 30+ countries.



After serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for a division of GE Healthcare, Daryl Joslin founded then Joslin Marketing with the vision of delivering a research-based methodology that translates insights into smarter strategic marketing. Joslin has since been selected to create brand, marketing strategy, and product innovation for Disney, NCR, Elsevier, Ascension Ventures, Francisco Partners, Dignity Health, AvaSure, Patient Safety Group, TRC Healthcare, IRIS, Versant, and dozens of others.

As a marketer with a passion for understanding the perceptions in today’s market, Daryl is driven by her innate intuition and curiosity, as well as by her consumer marketing foundation that was built over 20 years with Procter & Gamble and Pepsi.

Daryl has helped with the exit strategies of seven clients and served as acting CMO for six clients to ensure strategy execution in the past 10 years. Today, Daryl’s passion is to improve the healthcare environment for consumers and caregivers. Daryl’s ability to understand each client’s challenge and how Joslin Insight can help has led to the firm’s growth and success.

Originally from Virginia, Daryl has lived in eight different states and recently returned to her roots in Richmond. She balances work with the joy of family and friends, passion for travel, and love of baseball. She dedicates her time to improving the world with organizations like The DAISY Foundation, AONL (American Organization for Nursing Leadership) and Richmonders Involved to Strengthen Our Communities (RISC).